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4A client desperately needs a new server but can't afford it. They contact us, we evaluate their needs and come up with a configuration that will meet their current and future needs without breaking the bank. We arrange a lease for them. We delivery, setup, and configure the new server. We migrate their network applications and data from their old server, setup a new backup system, migrate users and settings. We come in under-budget and the customer makes a small affordable monthly payment. 

4A client uses myriad spreadsheets among users to keep track of customers, invoices, and service records. It has become an unruly mess and no one can find anything and the system becomes unusable. They contact us. We design a solution based on a single network program that is administered by one user. We design custom forms and deploy the system. The customer loves it and continues to use it currently.

4A client is using inordinate storage space for paperwork that must be kept but is rarely used. We evaluate their requirements and recommend a high-speed scanning solution. They purchase the solution and have been able to eliminate many file cabinets of storage space.

4A user's computer dies. The client calls us. We setup an emergency service call and determine that the motherboard is dead. Since the system is old, we recommend they replace it. We sell them a new workstation from stock, transfer all the data and settings from the hard drive of the dead PC and are able to get the user back up in fewer than 24 hours from the initial call.

4A client spends (6) hours trying to hook-up a new network printer but is unsuccessful. They call us. We arrive, properly configure the print server, download the latest drivers to the server, install the printer on the client workstations, test the configuration and complete the job in under an hour.














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